Ghosted is an ongoing monthly supernatural comic book series created by Joshua Williamson. The first issue released on January 10, 2013 through Image Comics.

The series follows Jackson Winters football sock ties, a man that is capable of stealing anything. His last attempt at theft resulted in the gruesome deaths of his teammates and landed him in jail. He’s broken out of prison by an extremely wealthy man who wants him to steal a ghost from a house rumored to be haunted due to it being the site of multiple cult murders fabric razor. Winters agrees to the job metal water bottle safety, but only if he can assemble his own team.

Critical reception for Ghosted has been positive. Comic Book Resources and IGN both praised the work overall what is meat tenderiser, and IGN commented that “Even when Williamson employs the tired old method of showing Jackson going around to recruit a team of supernatural experts to help him with the job, it works wonderfully because of Jackson’s no-BS attitude.”